Bid Index — Benelux Speedrunner Gathering - Annual 2023
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Event List
Benelux Speedrunner Gathering - BSG Online 9 →
Name Run Description Amount Goal
Psychotherapy upgrade Katana ZERO Have a really cool difficult boss fight at the end € 160,00 € 150,00
Character Choice Mario Party 5 Choose the character that is played: Luigi, Daisy, Wario, Yoshi € 32,14
Do serious golf Sports Story So, the idea is that I go as fast as possible, which sometimes I go super un-serious and void my ball out. With this incentive, I'll actually play serious golf. € 110,00 € 100,00
What door? The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe € 58,00
Black Mage Name Final Fantasy Name for the character (Maximum 6 Characters) € 0,00
Thief name Final Fantasy Name for the character (Maximum 6 Characters) € 21,50
Warrior name Final Fantasy Name for the character (Maximum 6 Characters) € 18,00
White Mage Name Final Fantasy Name for the character (Maximum 6 Characters) € 18,50
Good or Bad ending? Hogwarts Legacy By choices you make in the end, you can get a good ending or a bad ending cutscene. This is also determined at the end of the run. Choice between Good and Bad € 68,00
Hogwarts House sorting Hogwarts Legacy In hogwarts Legacy you have the option to pick in which house you want to be sorted. Every house has their own unique commonroom and unique location in the castle. Every house also have their own unique quest. This will change the route for every house. Choice between: Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor € 25,00
Main Character Name Hogwarts Legacy You can give your main character a custom name. You can give it a first and last name. If there's only a first name then the last name will be BSG € 0,00
Choose Peppino's Outfit Pizza Tower Pick the clothes you want Peppino Spaghetti to wear during the run! € 21,00
Trainer Name Pokémon Legends: Arceus Name the trainer/main character with 12 characters, the complete keyboard of the Switch is available. € 564,00
Choose Ending Shin Megami Tensei V Choose the Ending. Choices between Law Ending, Chaos Ending, Neutral Ending € 80,00
Fight Demifiend Super Boss Shin Megami Tensei V Demifiend is the DLC super boss and the hardest fight in the game € 100,90 € 100,00
Voice language Choice Shin Megami Tensei V Choice between Japanese or English € 61,00
Coin-Flip Ape Escape 3 Riek and Tony have made an Order who plays which stages, but how about making it a literal coinflip (for example if the coin flip shows head, Tony has to do the next stage) € 109,00 € 100,00
Low% Challenge Cyber Shadow Force Dyanketo to go through the game WITHOUT grabbing any HP or SP upgrades. € 120,86 € 150,00
The One True Colour Cyber Shadow You open up a hidden room and grab a colour choice for the player character; this will reflect the one true colour option. € 11,00
Talk to Elderbug? Hollow Knight Elderbug is an NPC at the start of the game But avoids hearing him make a sad lonely noise. "Elderbug is a cool dude" has been a community meme for years now. € 218,00 € 150,00
Character Name Fire Emblem: Three Houses Name of the protagonist € 30,00
Costume Choice Fire Emblem: Three Houses € 71,00
House Bidwar Fire Emblem: Three Houses Choose the house (and the corresponding route) that should be run; Choices are between the Black Eagles (Crimson Flower), and the Golden Deer (Verdant Wind) € 15,00
Bad+ vs. UFO Ending Silent Hill A bidwar between getting either the classic UFO ending or the Bad+ Ending! € 91,00
Course 6 Portal 2 If met, the 6th co-op course from the DLC will be played that you may have never seen before! € 216,00 € 150,00
Clefable nickname Pokémon Red Max 10 characters (only alphabetic characters available). Naming happens when catching Clefairy around 20 minutes into the run. € 152,33
Character Name Fire Emblem Engage Name the main character. € 45,00
Character choice Fire Emblem Engage Choose the gender of the main character. € 11,00
High five Ellie The Last of Us Yes or no € 50,00
Ship Name Nantucket Choose the name of the grand vessel, which will defeat the white whale. € 3,00
Ring The Bell (Level 3) Goof Troop We'll pick up the bell in level 3 so we can get more opportunities to attempt goofy butt scratches. € 60,00 € 50,00
Final boss choice Board games the aim of the game is to beat one final boss. the audience gets to decide who. something easy like the Wet nurse or is it going to be a hard game like Vicar Amelia € 66,00
Eldfjall DLC Lonely Mountains: Downhill The 4 extra tracks of the Eldfjall DLC will be played. € 152,00 € 150,00
Names of the two magikarps Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver Both players will catch a magikarp, evolve it, and use gyarados to beat the rest of the game. The two magikarps could receive nicknames, potentially with meanings related to each other. € 163,77
Healing Touch Shape Trauma Center: Under the Knife The shape that Leo and Double will draw to activate our anime superpower. € 38,00
Infamous Chicken Order Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Listen to Big Smoke's chicken order. How much chicken will he order? € 85,90 € 75,00
Bonus Song Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party!!!! When met, we will play A Cruel Angel's Thesis from Evangelion as a bonus song! € 163,00 € 100,00
Navigator choice Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party!!!! In Groove Coaster, we can pick a Navigator that helps us through the menus. This Navigator can be Sans or Papyrus. € 40,00
Rayman Challenges Rayman Series Each 25€ unlocks the next secret challenge for the runners! If the whole incentive is met, a super secret bonus challenge will be performed! € 0,00 € 325,00

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